Torneo Mexicano de Robótica 2023

General description

The IEEE Very Small Size Soccer is a competition where two teams of 3 robots up to 7.5×7.5×7.5 cm play a soccer match. The robots are controlled remotely by a computer, but without human intervention. The computer processes the image from a video camera placed over the field and commands the robots.


To participate in the LARC VSSS, teams of a maximum of 6 people can register. Team members must be students of any level or have graduated from their study program no more than two years ago.

The teachers who accompany the team and who wish to have a diploma that recognizes their participation in the event may register as mentors. The registration cost of the mentors is the same as that of the contestants.


FMR Managers

Javier Enrique Delgado Moreno


Heriberto Casarrubias Vargas