Torneo Mexicano de Robótica 2023


Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles whose range of applications has grown considerably in recent years. But drones not only serve as aerial cameras to capture videos or photos, drones can also serve as robots, aerial robots. This is possible since drones can carry on-board computers to process information, such as that obtained through their sensors, and thereby execute actions on their actuators, the propellers, with which autonomous flight can be carried out.

To encourage and promote the development of autonomous drones in Mexico, the TMR organizes the category of autonomous drones, where different challenges or flight missions are proposed to be executed by a drone. The drone can be commercial, armed or of original design. However, the emphasis of the category lies in the design of artificial intelligence that allows the drone to perform tasks autonomously. Therefore, the score that will be assigned will be proportional to the autonomous performance of the drone to execute the missions.




Maximum 10 teams

Each team is made up of a maximum of 4 participants with a work chair and a mentor.


FMR Manager

José Carranza